• Know Us

    From Hervi Group we welcome you to our new website and we do offer a new bright and functional space you turn spark your imagination and help you to create amazing spaces where experience those feelings that make us feel alive.

    We wish that this website was an extension of our physical stores and for that we have put all our enthusiasm for this new space was high quality. As you know we always bet for things well done. We want this new virtual format likes you and can help to decorate your life with elegance and good products.

    Do not forget that we also offer 24-hour service through our online shop; without forgetting that we are at your disposal in our physical establishment.

    We also invite you to our page on social networks, which will include stories and articles about our products, trends, design news and much more.

    As you see we love being wing vanguard in everything, both in furniture and new technologies!

    Thanks for your visit.