In this video we will talk about the key points to ensure that your terrace, apart from being beautiful, is comfortable and you don't want to be anywhere else.




1.House facing




This is the most important thing, because the success of your terrace will depend on a good orientation.


Once you have located direct sun exposure, we will condition and orient all the elements to the areas that allow us to protect ourselves.




















An East orientation will receive a warm and pleasant sun in the morning, and from noon it will be the distribution of the house itself that will provide the necessary shade, not being necessary complementary elements to protect from the sun.

If it is to the South, it receives an intense and vertical sun at noon, and if it is to the East it will receive it in the afternoon.


Only if it is to the North we will have the best orientation especially in hot areas like ours, since the sun will only give in the morning leaving us shade the rest of the day.




2.Sun and rain protection




It incorporates protection elements such as: umbrellas, awnings, pergolas, shade sails, blinds and light curtains.



































All these elements are designed to protect you from any inclement weather.




3. Coherent distribution






Make a floor plan of the terrace, depending on the space available.

Put strictly what is necessary, it is a place of relaxation, do not overload, it is about having free space





4.Walls and cozy floor


Use colors on the walls and depending on what you want to convey give them one hue or another, white shades, apart from transmitting light and spaciousness fit practically everything.


Warm colors are very stimulating and some cold colors like green and blue convey relaxation...


The walls can also be clad, the wooden structures and the vertical gardens are very trendy and very welcoming.


Brick is also a material that brings a lot of personality to a patio.
































Regarding the floor, we can find the solution by putting artificial grass, as well as a wooden floor or hydraulic tiles. And if that were not possible, outdoor rugs will do their decorative role without the need for works.




5. Relaxing corner


Create an intimate area through plants, screens, curtains or reeds.


And if you have the opportunity to place a hanging hammock or chair, or a chill-out sofa, your corner will be the envy of the neighborhood.
























6. Incorporate unique elements that create unexpected effects



































The incorporation of old furniture, paintings, mirrors or sculptures, will cause a surprise effect, since they are elements that are never associated with a terrace.

7. Create a seating area and decorate with textiles



































Sofas, armchairs, pallets and sofas, decorated with ethnic cushions, Moroccan rugs, macrame curtains and blankets will make your guests not want to get up from your terrace




8. Lighting


Distribute the furniture to make the most of sunlight, taking into account the different types of light.

-General light: placing 1 or 2 wicker lamps


-Point light: for lighting in specific areas with sconces, lanterns, lights and garlands


-Environmental light: through candles or placing solar lights in your pots.




9. Access doors and Windows


It is very important that the passageways fulfill two missions: to decorate spaces and prevent insects from venturing into our space.



































Therefore, both the mosquito nets and the esparto curtains will give us easy and beautiful solutions.