En este video te hablaremos de los puntos clave para conseguir que tu terraza, aparte de ser bonita, sea cómoda y no quieras estar en otro lugar.


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In this video we will talk about the key points to ensure that your terrace, apart from being beautiful, is comfortable and you don't want to be anywhere else.
Do you know the different types of materials and their characteristics for the manufacture of patio or outdoor furniture? Resins, Aluminum, Wood, Huitex, Natural fibers ...
If your outdoor space is large, you can create two areas (one to relax and the other to enjoy lunch and dinner with friends and family.
Con la llegada del buen tiempo es el momento de empezar a disfrutar de nuestros espacios exteriores. Por eso, vamos a dar una serie de trucos para poner a punto tu terraza o jardín.
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